Sean Pincus
Diabetic Foot Management Video Cycling Analysis
NHD Pod (SA) B.Sc.Hons (Brighton) Podiatrist

Video Analysis and Assessments

Video Gait Analysis and Cycling Analysis

foot function assessment
Apart from clinical assessment and hands-on examinations, our practice uses state-of-the-art video equipment to assess how feet, and foot function affect body movement.

This assessment is used by the Podiatrist not only to design orthotics (custom made in-shoe devices that correct foot patterns), but also to assist Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, coaches and personal trainers to rehabilitate patients. Sean Pincus uses Dartfish® motion analysis software in his practice.

Force Plate Assessments

Force Plate Analysis
No matter how good the podiatrist, no matter how good the video equipment, there remains an interface between the foot and the supporting surface that can’t be seen. But it can be measured with force plates. Force Plate Analysis provides the final clue as to the design of the orthotics by showing the unseen information. Sean Pincus uses RS Scan ® force plates in his practice.
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