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Foot Injury

Foot injury treatment
The human foot is an intricate anatomical structure that goes from an adaptable data collector, to a shock absorber, to a rigid lever in a time of 600-750 milliseconds about 3000 times a day. It supplies the brain with the information about each footstep and carries out the responding instructions.

Despite being a tough resilient structure it is frequently injured and pain, any pain is your foots way of saying "Help!" Prompt diagnosis and treatment is needed. The most common injury is Plantar fasciitis but there are many different problems and careful examination and diagnosis is key to a successful treatment.

Sports Injuries

Sports injury treatment
Any sport that places a demand on the feet and lower limbs can result in injury. Podiatrists typically are not concerned with traumatic injury, but rather with overuse injury, and repetitive injury patterns ( for example “I always get injured on my right side”, or” I keep on spraining my left ankle”)

Remember you don’t need to be injured to see a podiatrist, as the correction of foot mechanics will not only decrease the likelihood of injury but can also improve performance.

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