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Diabetic Foot Management Video Cycling Analysis
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A podiatrist wears many hats and treats a variety of problems: from simple nail and skin care (corns, calluses and varrucae) problem nails (ingrown nails) and diseased nails (fungal infections) to complex biomechanical problems, foot injuries like plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back pain, sports injuries and postural pain, as well as chronic disease management most notably diabetes and arthritis.

My role is to concentrate on managing the foot and its relation to the injury, but I work closely with all other medical and allied medical disciplines in creating a holistic treatment plan to effect a lasting cure for my patients.

I have various methods of treatment at my disposal, but this depends on the presenting condition, for example, painless callus and corn removal, minor nail surgery, for ingrown nails, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) for warts, or surgical removal of warts, Insole and orthotic correction of faulty biomechanics that can cause injury, in the feet, legs, as well as lower back pain.
Corns and Calluses

For Biomechanics I follow a combined mechanical paradigm incorporating different biomechanical theories, including, but not isolated to:

Frontal plane mechanics, rotational equilibrium around the sub-talar joint axis, Sagittal plane facilitation, and limb length correction

I use clinical assessment, video gait analysis, video cycle analysis and force plate analysis as tools to prescribe bespoke orthotics, manufactured personally in my own lab. These orthotics conform to international gold standards using evidence based medicine.

As well as orthotic therapy, I focus on full rehabilitation following a holistic full body rehabilitation protocol. This I achieve by integrating my management and interacting with and including treatment from Physiotherapists, Biokinetics and Chiropractors. This will depend on the presenting condition.

It must be remembered that my work is not confined to sportsmen and women only: anyone with postural and overuse injuries can be referred, irrespective of age or activity level. And you don’t have to be injured to get treated: timely intervention can prevent injury, and improve performance.

Although the focus of my practice is biomechanics and orthotic therapy, I will always be available for the normal podiatric maladies like nail disorders, ingrown nails, varruca management, callus and corn management, as well as diabetic foot management.

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